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Channel the mystical energy of faraway India with a chakra bracelet from Touch of Sedona. Our bracelets are made with 7 different semi-precious beads that represent your chakras.

Each color is associated with one of your body's chakras and endocrine system. Visit either of our locations today to see these beautiful, powerful bracelets.

Understand Your Energy Rainbow

Each color on your bracelet evokes the power and energy of the associated chakra. Our experienced staff will help you understand how to maximize the effects of your bracelet.
  • Violet — the crown of your head. It's your connection with universal energies.
  • Indigo — the middle of your forehead and pineal gland. It represents forgiveness and compassion.
  • Blue — your throat and thyroid gland. It represents physical and spiritual communication.
  • Green — your heart. It stands for love and your sense of responsibility.
  • Yellow — your solar plexus. It represents power and ego.
  • Orange — your lower abdomen and pancreas gland. It's associated with emotion and sexuality.
  • Red — the base of your spine. The root chakra represents grounding and survival.
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