Intricate Dreamcatchers

Protect Your Dreams With A Dreamcatcher

If bad dreams disturb your rest, a Native American dreamcatcher may be the solution. These talismans protect you from bad dreams and nightmares. When you visit Touch of Sedona, you'll find a delightful selection of dreamcatchers in a variety of sizes.

Feel the Power of the Sacred Hoops

Dreamcatchers are often referred to as "sacred hoops," and in the lore of some Native Americans, they protect sleeping people by filtering dreams. When hung above your bed in a place that the sunlight can warm it, your dreamcatcher will attract all the incoming dreams.

Its webs will hold the bad dreams and nightmares, and the good dreams will slide gently down the feathers and comfort you while you sleep. When the sun rises, the bad dreams will be burned up by the heat of the sun.
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